The White Spirit 2011



The White Spirit 2011
Date: 23rd to 28th August 2011:
Venue: Flora Creek Hotel, Deira, Dubai, UAE

The Exhibition illustrates the renaissance of contemplation of the artist which coincides with the holy month of Ramadan 2011. It made ample use of the colour white in myriad ways to reflect what Zaahirah called “ The White Spirit”. Inspired by the Arabic culture and trends, she stressed upon the symbolism of ‘The white pristine’: purity, innocence and secrecy, but also peace though necessary compromises and renewed opportunities.

Determination and focus was the main ingredient to bake the white spite collection. The struggle of the artist being in the transition stage was twirl in such a way that the white spread her galore all over her life.

However Ramadan is a time not only for reconnection and renewal but also self assessment and evaluation. Each artwork shows a hidden significant factual message with the purification vibrations of white. she invites all the viewers to put some white in their life whatever situation they experience.