The Extraordinary Powers of Women



The Extraordinary Powers of Women
Date: 2nd to 10th October 2009
Venue: Alliance Francaise- Belle village, Mauritius

The 2009 collection enlighten the inner store of enthusiasm, inspiration and realize the full potential to achieve, to change and transform a woman’s life. Since time immemorial women have been extolled, dignified and even cursed but the fact remains that they form part and parcel of fabric of the society. They have contributed significantly at the social, cultural, economic and political level. Women-a daughter, a spouse, a sister, a friend, a cousin, an aunt or partner their roles as we may observe are multifaceted.

Having a knack for the welfare of human beings and women in particular and my subsequent involvement in the recovery process of female heroin dependent in a major treatment and rehabilitation centre, Dr Idrice Goomany Treament Center in Mauritius has heightened my conviction that women, in spite of their plight, possess within themselves priceless undiscovered treasures. I have a direct witness of the personal growth and development of many female dependent persons who gave up hope in life and themselves. With a pound unconditional love and an ounce of support and therapeutic care, they succeeded to get over their addiction. My work with those souls has instilled in me the ideas that the behaviour is not the person and in spite of all odds, love and support they can make a difference.

The Extraordinary Powers of Women collection present the of rhythm of growth, birth, renaissance and resiliency among women. Zaahirah transposed dexterity her deep attachment to the downtrodden in order to foster inferno positive message as every woman plays a pivotal role in the society.

She would fail if she did not underline the laudable and enriching empowerment , Zaahirah secured from WIN, Women in Networking through (WIN Leadership Program) where she was enticed the willpower and wisdom to implement this exhibition and her desire to serve her country and the cause of women.

Last but not least, she paid tribute to all those dignified women who help to mould her and left their print and honour her mum, Rashidah as her most pertinent role model.