A Journey in the Ocean



A Journey in the Ocean
Date: 20th to 28th June 2006
Venue: Malcom de Chazal Art Gallery, Curepipe- Mauritius

Fish was at the helm....the bluish pirouette sometime the cerulean splash all along the ocean! A Journey in the Ocean came after a mere refection and understanding the very value of the majestic creation through diverse colourful, shape, the miasma movement and freedom which make a vivid statement about the extraordinary creations of God.

The message was powerful as she capitalized on the characteristic trait of a leader. In a state of modernization and rapid development, innovation, appreciation inquiry AI, interaction, delegation, team building, chaos of communication, curiosity, unable others to do great work the list were endless... through her art work hold a mirror to life and the creativity above is manifest. Her association with EDYCS Epilepsy Groups, a NGO in Mauritius as executive board secretary was to fund raise for children with epilepsy. She does not spare a minute to spread awareness as Epilepsy in Mauritius was still considered as a taboo, It can affect people of all ages, races, gender, social background and ethic group. It is a common neurological disorder marked by involuntary recurrent seizures.