Events - 2015

International Migrants Day
Venue: Dubai International Arts Centre
Date: 18th December 2015

Launching ZeeArts Community in Mauritius

In commemoration of the United Nations Migrants day, 18 December, a dozen artists spent the day painting cardboard boxes on the theme of migrants. We hung them from the arbor surrounding the entrance gate to the Dubai International Art Centre. We also hung postcards made by children at the Art Center during the past week, and origami birds that I folded myself

The objective of this initiative is to pay tribute and reaffirm our support as artists to shape a better society that provides opportunities and lives of dignity for all migrants worldwide.

This installation is symbolic in several ways.

  • The arch signifies passage, and the migrants are certainly living a life of passage.
  • The arbor is a living plant, which in this context symbolizes growth and hope for the future lives of the migrants.
  • The artists in Dubai are migrants, too, each coming from a different part of the world, and sharing our common interests in art.
Our initiative is to spread the word of peace and compassion for migrants to the general public. We are all hopeful for a better future for everyone.

Launching ZeeArts Community in Mauritius
Venue: Mauritius
Date: 10th December 2015

Launching ZeeArts Community in Mauritius

ZeeArts Community proudly announce the establishment of the official Executive Members of ZeeArts Community Mauritius on 10th December 2015 with the prime aim to create an Art Hub with a social drive at local, regional and at international level. Our dynamic Executive Members are passionate people with an artistic appeal and engagement or community leaders for the social development

3rd Edition National UAE Celebration
Venue: Dubai Outlet Mall
Date: 2nd December 2015

3rd Edition National UAE Celebration

ZeeArts Community celebrate in collaboration with Dubai Outlet Mall, the 3rd Edition of National UAE Day at Dubai Outlet Mall on 2nd December; the local artists performed live juggling with only the National UAE Color to express the Spirit of the Union. This year we had 10 artist activists coming from different Emirates. The participating artists are Ahmed AlHosani, Asareh Ibrahimpour, AbdulHamid, Kasia Katarzyna, Elizabeth Bruse, Asha Lewis, Lakhman Kapadia, Kristina Koreneva and Zaahirah Muthy.

Art Fair Dubai-VIP Opening
Venue: The Address Hotel
Date: 15th October 2015

Art Fair Dubai-VIP Opening

Live painting: My Blue World

Art Fair Dubai 2015 welcome ZeeArts Community to perform live during the VIP Opening night at the Address Dubai Mall; The artist, Zaahirah Muthy painted live during 45 mins using the blue hues to express elegantly her Blue world; Inspired by her life journey her painting illustrate the world around her. She painted directly with her hands, as this give her peace acumen that ethos her spirit. The painting was auction by Pioneer Auction on the same night.

Art U Afford
Venue: Old Creekside Dubai
Date: 24th October 2015

Art U Afford

ZeeArts Community Artists perform live for ‘Art U Affordable’ an event which was held on Saturday 24th at the Creekside-Old Dubai from 10h to 6hpm. Art U Affordable is a community event that allows artists from all levels to take part exhibiting and selling their work. The categories of participation are drawing, painting, printmaking, prints, sketches, Sculpture, and photographs. Surrounding the beautiful scenery of Creekside, tourists, visitors, art lovers and the artists explored, network and find unique, original & affordable art pieces. The participating artists were Rihab, Asareh, Batool, Ramy, Abdulhamid, Vikrant, Sumanta, Elizabeth and Zaahirah. The artists had great fun and some of them manage to commission and meet potential buyers.

Live painting by Mauritian Artists
Venue: Maison Eureka- Moka, Mauritius
Date: 3rd October

Live painting by Mauritian Artists

ZeeArts Community organized its first event (Live painting) in Mauritius, by bringing Mauritian artists to paint together on Saturday 3rd October at La Maison Eureka in Moka.

This initiative is to provide opportunity for the emerging and leading artists to network, exchange and strengthen their artistic relationship under the theme Diversity and Connectivity. The theme was inspire to pay tribute to Mauritius; and to highlight how Arts can beautifully embrace and enhance the power of our iconic island in all its splendor.

The wonderful setting at Eureka has without any doubt inspired the artists, with the green landscape, ‘La Maison Colonial’ and the freshness of the picturesque and historical venue sponsor. It was such a beautiful day where we enjoy the different style, techniques and medium.

Art is an international language understand by all, this is exactly what Mauritian artists strive to show in their work, the passion, freedom, a sense of ownership where the canvas is their territory. This initiative was done in collaboration of MsSevany Appavoo, an artist activist, a passionate art lover and a photographer. ‘Her aim is to valorizing all artists and their artworks at national and international level and give them this Majestic place they all deserve in Society’. Credit for all photos goes to Ms Sevany Appavoo.

I would like to extend our deep appreciation to Eureka, la Maison Creole for their hospitality to welcome the artists for this live painting. I would highlight the presence of the new Chairperson of National Art Gallery Mrs Dorinne Denise who addressed her first speech to the artists and extending her full support and will bring innovation to the National Art Gallery

Participating artists were: Kavinash Thomoo, Slyvio de Lapeyre, Sharmeen Arah, Malini Callimootoo-Jeewon, Suren Seeruttun, Pamela Virpin, Ravi Beethary, Gilberte Marimootoo Natchoo, Nishal Purboo, Uma Appadu, Riaz Auladin, Sevany Appavoo, Zaahirah Muthy

TiE Dubai in collaboration with ZeeArts community
Venue: Dubai
Date: 12th September 2015

TiE Dubai in collaboration with ZeeArts community Artists Entrepreneur in Action

ZeeArts Community supported the initiative of TiE Dubai Conference 2015 through the empowerment of Artists Entrepreneur as part of the TiE Dubai’s Vision where 14 Artists Entrepreneur painted together at The Fridge in Al Serkal Avenue. They were inspired by the theme: Dubai An Innovation Hub.

An impressive and unique mural artwork was unveilled during the TiE Conference at the Intercontinental Hotel showing through different style, technique and myriad of stories by paying tribute to Dubai as an Innovative Hub. The artwork was auction to support TiE Dubai activities as a non-profit organization.

ZeeArts Community would like to thank TiE Dubai for this significant collaboration, the Fridge as venuw sponsor and special thanks to all the participating artists.

Female Artist mentor Children from Rehabilitation Centre
Venue: Dubai Foundation for Women and Children
Date: 10th September 2015

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ZeeArts Community bring a group of female Artist Activists to mentor the resident children from the Rehabilitation Centre of Dubai Foundation for Women and Children with the support of Air Master as part of their Corporate Social Responsibilities. The theme of the 2016 Calendar are HAPPINESS, where we celebrate a day full of happiness through colors. We started with an ice breaking introduction of the artists and the children, by putting the children at ease in a friendly approach. The children has the power of freedom to choose their mentor artists. Amazingly we discovered great talents when children speaks with their heart, paint with their soul and connect with their happiness. Both the artists and the children had appreciative and fun time together. The children self esteem was value as they were proud of their Arts. Thanks to all the participating artists, UAE Goodwill Photograph, Dubai Foundation for Women and Children for giving us this opportunity and special thanks goes to Air Master for their support.

Notes for NEPAL
Venue: Alliance Francaise-Dubai
Date: 6th June 2015

Zeearts Community celebrates  UAE National Day The recent earthquakes in NEPAL killed thousands of people but also left millions with no homes nor shelter. ‘Notes for NEPAL’, is an initiative of Rotaract Club of Dubai in collaboration with Alliance Française organized a Music Festival by Kamel Musallam & a Flea Market in support to Nepal. ZeeArts Community team up for NEPAL ART FAIR, where paintings from Milena Mladenova, Nissa Riyas, Abdul Hamid, Issabelle Noor, Sabeen Sabzwari, Asareh EbrahimPour, Sumanta Dahda, Samer Kamel and Zaahirah Muthy were beautifully donated and auctioned. All the proceed goes to Re-build NEPAL. ZeeArts Community would like to extend a heart-felt thanks and gratitude to all the artists for making "Notes for Nepal" event so successful.

Exchange Retreat Oman
Venue: The Wave Mall, Muscat Oman
Date: 28th to 30th May 2015

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Paragon Arts host a month live painting at The Wave with the introduction of an artist; and this month
Ms Bushra was the guest speaker, an Omani artist; she spoke about her inspiration and her Arts; also Mr Anwar Sonya, the renown Omani artist said a few words followed by time for gift, Paragon Arts presented some gift to the artists and Zaahirah, from ZeeArts community presented one of her painting to Louai, the Director of Paragon Arts as a sign of new friendship born.

The artists were tirelessly waiting for the big time, live painting show. Visitors enjoyed the beauty of the Mall with so much passionate people, it was just like a Celebration of Colors where artists were interacting, painting, smiling, exchanging and so much more. The artists were from different nationalities which illustrate that Arts Connect the World through Arts and Passion.

Our Exchange Retreat ends at 4h30, with so much of take away, new friendship and exchange of contact. It was such a fruitful event where we started with the Meet and Greet, following by the Artistic dialogue workshop, a city tours, Cultural exchange program and close by a live painting show. ZeeArts Community would like to thanks Paragon Arts for their significant collaboration, and special thanks goes to: Louai Alasfahani, the Director of Paragon Arts, Mr Jalal Luqman, Emirati artists, Paragon Team, Shuwa Diners, Moorish Café, Muscat Hill clubhouse, The Wave Mall and the Omani artists.

Artistic Exchange Retreat
Venue: Morish Café in Muscat Oman
Date: 28th to 30th May 2015

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Artistic Dialogue Workshop

The Workshop started by a warm greeting from Louai Alasfahani, the man who made this event happen; he is the Director of Paragon Arts; Zaahirah Muthy the founder of ZeeArts Community took this opportunity to explain about this initiative objectives and thank Paragon Arts for their tremendous support. We had a deep presentation by Mr Saeed Alalawi about the Omani famous artists, Mr Anwar Sonya, Mrs Tahira and many others.

The next session was about The Voice of the Artists where each artist was given 2 minutes to introduce themselves and their arts. They used different support such as power point, their artwork and some prefer just to use the power of their voice.

What is your Brand? This was an interactive session focusing on the person and his/her brand as an artist. They were given a piece of paper to write about one word that reflects their personality as an artist. The artists were proudly moving around to introduce their brand to each other. Followed by How to Market your Arts? Another provocative session where the artists were divided into groups of 3 and they had to brainstorm on 'How to market your Arts?' Impressive and productive outcomes had been collected. We had a Role play by 4 volunteers (Ahmed, Amira, Kasia and Khalid) to present (How to approach a Gallery) we had two scenarios, a good approach and a less confident approach. The artists had the great opportunity to visualize the right approach. This was an impromptu play.

We were honored to have the presence of the Renown Emirati artist Mr Jalal Luqman, representing Arts in UAE; he presented the Art scene in UAE and he inspired the artists about his journey. The artists had the opportunity to ask questions directly. Finally we had an open dialogue on how we can build a sustainable relationship with UAE-Oman where Mr Jalal represents UAE and Mr Saeed representing Oman.

Venue: Le Meridien Hotel
Date: 1st May 2015

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It was a privilege for ZeeArts Community to support SNF Development Center for the DINE N DEED 2015 an Annual Charity Dinner which invites high profile guests from various walks of society in Dubai including supporters and potential donors. The highlight of the event is a charity Art Auction done by some of the most renowned contemporary local artists in UAE along with paintings done by our students in the presence of famous bollywood singer Ms Shunidhi Chaudan. The event took place at Grand Ballroom, Le Meridien, Airport.

Special thanks goes to the 20 artists donating their work to support this good cause. SNF Development Centre offers personalized and professional care for young adults with special needs by promoting independence and confidence to help them become self-sufficient, personally and professionally. ZeeArts Community are happy to contribute to the DINE N DEED 2015.

SIKKA 2015
Venue: Al Fahidi Museum
Date: 24th March 2015

Zeearts Community celebrates  UAE National Day SIKKA Art Fair 14-24 March at Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood.launched by the Dubai Culture and Art Authority, SIKKA is an annual exhibition specifically designed to feature UAE contemporary art practices, initiatives and discourse through a diversity of artistic talent and stance, providing opportunity to experience homegrown creativity at its liveliest and best, in the heart of Dubai. it is its 5th edition, this unique, artist-led fair-cum-festival expands dramatically to include over 50 artists, filmmakers, musicians and performing artists, along side visual artists. This year, I have been selected to perform a live feet painting through the official Curator of Sikka 2015, Jalal Luqman. It was a privilege and great honor for me to come on board among the selected artists.

My work displays an inter-mixed media fusion through Live Feet Performance showcasing performing arts, by using only my feet to layer colors, texture and patterns. The initial idea of my feet painting was to experience the feeling of a child which I was introduced without arms, with the idea to empower her through Arts, I tried to imitate her by putting myself in the skin of those who are arm-less with was a bit experimental at first. Later on I discovered that, it is actually a fun and unique practice where we can explore the mgic of difference with ease and confidence.

My work engenders life affirming emotions and a willingness to experience what I have seen.
Inspired and invigorated by a renewed sense of philanthropy and awed by the mystery of how things occurs around me. My influences are foremost everything I experience in my journey and embrace the transition from exotic island to Arabic culture which has a great influence in my work.

20/20/20 Art Community
Venue: Dubai centre for special needs
Date: 18th March 2015

Zeearts Community celebrates  UAE National Day 20/20/20 Art Community Project is an initiative of ZeeArts Community in collaboration with Barclays Bank to bring 20 emerging artists with 20 students from Dubai Centre for Special Needs (DCSN) to create 20 pieces of art which will be auctioned at the annual client dinner organized by Barclays.

On a Wednesday early morning, the artists community gather at DCSN premises with a fun and relax spirit to inspire the special needs children, creating exceptional and extraordinary artworks. The community-focused initiative aims to support children from the Dubai Centre for Special Needs (DCSN), a non-profit organization with the vision to serve the diverse academic, physical, social, and emotional needs of its students.

It was an exceptional and heartfelt experience, where we brought together 20 artists from different nationalities, different cultures and with different styles to share their skills and passion for a good cause. The mentor-ship concept was one of the prime objectives for us, since we wanted to create an opportunity for the vulnerable children to interact and engage with professional artists.”

Andrew Mortimer, Managing Director, Chief Operating Officer and Country Manager, Middle East Barclays Plc, said: “We are very happy to partner with ZeeArts Community and DCSN in this honorable and noble initiative.

Dr. Mahshid Salehi, Director of Dubai Center for Special Needs, elaborated: “As a non-profit organisation, we rely heavily on the community for support and funding. It is very reassuring to know that there are companies out there, like Barclays and ZeeArts Community, who want to help and give to organisations such as ours. Through this project, Barclays will not only help us raise funds, but also raise vital awareness about DCSN.”

ZeeArts Community would like to extent our deep thanks to Barclays Bank for their significant support and all the participating artists; Special thanks goes to the team behind the scene, Jocelyn Lewisham, Milena Mladenova, Remy Francis and Ahmed Al Hosani.

Restart the Art
Date: February 2015

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Restart The Art is a [sameness] project initiative to turn two of those big white laborer buses into moving works of Art. Telling the stories of the construction workers who ride inside and the artists who will work together with them to bring colour and goodness to the streets of Dubai.

The artwork covering the buses created in a unique collaboration between a group of construction workers and UAE-based artists/art students by bringing 43 workers, 43 artists and 43 artistic collaboration.

The three questions that was the inspiration behind each artwork was:
'My Joy, My Dream and My Pain'

It was an amazing and unique experience for both the laborer and their partner artists where the laborer felt confident and share their emotions. The objective behind this initiative was to highlight that all HUMAN are SAME no matter where they come from, who they are, we all have our Joy, Dream and Pain.

Bravo to Sameness Project team.