Zaahirah is a passionate artist activist who calls ‘her first home’ the sparkling, shimmering turquoise islands of Mauritius. In 2011, ‘Home’ came the vibrant city of Dubai. It is here that she continues in her quest to infuse innovation and inspiration through mixed media approach.

Her passion for the arts was ignited in her childhood where she developed her own panache by exploring different mediums. This Passion for Art began a conversation with her Passion for the Community as she began using art to bring about awareness and social activism. This led to Zaahirah being announced the winner of “Oscar de la Jeunesse 2001” in Artistic Pursuit by the ‘Government of Mauritius.

Inspired by Contemporary Art, Zaahirah has developed a knack for the abstract. Her brushes dance on her white canvas, are lost in the warm hues and osmosis of repeated patterns. Her palette buzzes with an amalgamation of vivid colors. As she often says, “Each stroke moves like an inner conversation.”

Zaahirah’s Art are influenced by Arabic cultures whilst she continues to relish in the opportunities to grow and interact with International artists in the diverse city of Dubai. She is convinced that her life’s transition from the exotic to the desert has certainly enhanced her artistic journey prominently. Her successful positioning within the artistic scenery in Dubai was evident when she won the Art Critic Competition in 2013. She has exhibited collectively and solo, both at local and International levels in Mauritius, Madagascar, Seychelles, UAE (Dubai/Abu Dhabi), Oman, Trieste-Italy and UK-London.

Zaahirah launched the ZeeArts Community which is a ‘vehicle of social message’ as platform to empower emerging and leading artists to foster community-development projects. ZeeArts Community is a Global canvas that Connects artists, Creates community and Celebrates Arts.