Our Philosophy

ZeeArts is a Global Canvas that Connects, Creates and Celebrates


About Us

ZeeArts Community is a non-profit platform with the prime objective to Connect Artists, Arts enthusiast and volunteers together to Create, inspire & educate the Community and to  Celebrate  Arts .

Since our inception in 2012, we are committed  to engage and collaborate with different partners such as Corporate, Gallery, Media and individual to foster community base projects such as Charity auction, workshop, residential, Live Arts, Artistic retreat, exhibition  and Artistic exchange.  We believe that every person has the right to Embrace Arts, Experience Arts and to Live Arts.

Join us to make a difference:

Dear artists or activists,

If you share the same passion to bring your Arts to the Service of others or if you have any Community projects in your Creative mind and you would like to Team up, feel free to

Contact Us

info@thezeearts.com www.facebook.com/thezeearts